2024’s Best Cities for Spa Lovers

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Which cities offer the best options for booking a relaxing spa day?

With the global wellness tourism industry expected to hit a record $1 trillion in 2024, Pool Gnome ranked 2024’s Best Cities for Spa Lovers.

We compared nearly 500 of the biggest U.S. cities based on 3 categories. We looked at the number of spas, average consumer ratings, and local demand, among 6 total metrics.

Pamper yourself with help from our ranking below. To learn how we ranked the cities, see our methodology.



See how each city fared in our ranking:

Note: Is your favorite wellness destination missing from our ranking? See the “Notes” in our methodology.

Top 5 Close Up

Check out the slideshow below for highlights on each of our top 5 cities.

Skyline Photo of Empire State Building in New York City
No. 1: New York | Overall Score: 83.51

Number of Spas: 370 | Rank: 1
Number of Top-Rated Spas: 80 | Rank: 2
Share of Top-Rated Spas (4.5+ Stars): 21.62% | Rank: 238
Share of Spas Offering a Deal: 12.16% | Rank: 19
Average Monthly Google Searches for Spas Over Past Year: 138,300 | Rank: 1

Photo Credit: Roberto Vivancos / Pexels / Pexels License
A shot of the Los Angeles skyline with the Griffith Observatory in the forground from a hill surrounded by plants
No. 2: Los Angeles | Overall Score: 69.59

Number of Spas: 310 | Rank: 2
Number of Top-Rated Spas: 97 | Rank: 1
Share of Top-Rated Spas (4.5+ Stars): 31.29% | Rank: 112
Share of Spas Offering a Deal: 1.94% | Rank: 132
Average Monthly Google Searches for Spas Over Past Year: 40,100 | Rank: 2

Photo Credit: Roberto Nickson / Pexels / Pexels License
People lounge around in a park in the foreground with the Houston, Texas, skyline in the background.
No. 3: Houston | Overall Score: 56.4

Number of Spas: 263 | Rank: 3
Number of Top-Rated Spas: 57 | Rank: 5
Share of Top-Rated Spas (4.5+ Stars): 21.67% | Rank: 237
Share of Spas Offering a Deal: 3.8% | Rank: 97
Average Monthly Google Searches for Spas Over Past Year: 27,400 | Rank: 4

Photo Credit: CY / Unsplash / Unsplash License
A shot of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino and the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort & Casino, along with surrounding buildings in Las Vegas, Nevada
No. 4: Las Vegas | Overall Score: 55.56

Number of Spas: 249 | Rank: 4
Number of Top-Rated Spas: 68 | Rank: 4
Share of Top-Rated Spas (4.5+ Stars): 27.31% | Rank: 151
Share of Spas Offering a Deal: 2.81% | Rank: 118
Average Monthly Google Searches for Spas Over Past Year: 14,000 | Rank: 12

Photo Credit: Solvej Nielsen / Pexels / Pexels License
Boats float while docked at the marina at sunset, with the San Diego skyline glittering in the background.
No. 5: San Diego | Overall Score: 51.29

Number of Spas: 199 | Rank: 5
Number of Top-Rated Spas: 76 | Rank: 3
Share of Top-Rated Spas (4.5+ Stars): 38.19% | Rank: 61
Share of Spas Offering a Deal: 6.53% | Rank: 57
Average Monthly Google Searches for Spas Over Past Year: 15,400 | Rank: 8

Photo Credit: Lucas Fonseca / Pexels / Pexels License

The Upshot

Big, glamorous cities — such as New York (No. 1), Los Angeles (No. 2), and Houston (No. 3) — landed at the top of our ranking with abundant high-quality spas, and plenty of residents seeking a zen moment. 

California dominated with 70 cities relaxing in the top half of our ranking. The bountiful spas in Los Angeles, San Diego (No. 5), and Sacramento (No. 23) stand out with average consumer ratings above 4 stars. Smaller cities like Santa Maria (No. 49), Fairfield (No. 72), and Bellflower (No. 86) might have fewer spas to choose from, but their average ratings are above 4.5.

Sunny Southern cities impress with plenty of spas and high local Demand. 25 Florida, 18 Texas, and 11 North Carolina cities finished in the top half of our ranking, with many offering numerous top-rated spas.

Connecticut cities distinctly lack access to spa treatments, with only one city — Danbury (No. 242) — scoring in the better half of our ranking. With few top-rated spas, Hartford (No. 308), New Haven (No. 368), Bridgeport (No. 446), and Stamford (No. 472) likely disappoint locals with higher-than-average Demand for a spa day.

Behind the Ranking

First, we determined the factors (metrics) that are most relevant to rank the Best Cities for Spa Lovers. We then assigned a weight to each factor based on its importance and grouped those factors into 3 categories: Access, Quality, and Demand. The categories, factors, and their weights are listed in the table below.

For each of the 500 biggest U.S. cities, we then gathered data on each factor from the sources listed below the table. We eliminated 6 cities lacking sufficient data in a single category, resulting in a final sample size of 494 cities.

Finally, we calculated scores (out of 100 points) for each city to determine its rank in each factor, each category, and overall. A city’s Overall Score is the average of its scores across all factors and categories. The highest Overall Score ranked “Best” (No. 1) and the lowest “Worst” (No. 494).

  • The “Worst” among individual factors may not be No. 494 due to ties.
  • We considered only the 500 biggest (most populated) U.S. cities, thereby excluding smaller towns with famous spas and wellness centers, such as:
    • Hilton Head, South Carolina
    • Hot Springs, Arkansas
    • Kahului, Hawaii
    • Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada
    • Sedona, Arizona
    • Taos, New Mexico

Sources: Google Ads and Yelp

Final Thoughts

The wellness tourism industry is one of the fastest-growing travel sectors, with anticipated growth by 16.6% per year until 2027. When it comes to wellness travel, there are contemporary, high-tech treatments as well as more traditional — or even rugged — spa experiences.

Tourists can opt for health-centered spa retreats featuring bespoke “biohacking” methods, such as infrared saunas, cryotherapy chambers, and AI-powered smart beds. Or, let nature nurture you at spa resorts featuring equine therapy, rewilding, and forest bathing

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to unwind. Bring a splash of luxury to your backyard with help from our tips below.

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Media Resources

  • Scottsdale, Arizona (No. 12), calls itself America’s “spa capital,” with the 6th-highest number of top-rated spas. It tied with Tampa, Florida (No. 6), on that metric — behind 5 cities with larger populations like Los Angeles (No. 2), New York (No. 1), and Houston (No. 3). 
  • Some cities — like Philadelphia (No. 25), Albuquerque (No. 60), and Colorado Springs, Colorado (No. 58) — have abundant spas but fall behind in Quality with lower-than-average consumer ratings.
  • Despite limited Access to spas, Jersey City (No. 346) and Newark (No. 398) in New Jersey, as well as Atlanta suburbs Sandy Springs (No. 206) and Johns Creek (No. 191) in Georgia scored among the top 100 cities with the highest Demand for spas.
  • Even with low Demand, Ventura, California (No. 34), finished among the top 30 cities with the highest number of top-rated spas.

Main Photo Credit: John Tekeridis / Pexels / Pexels License

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