How Much Does an Infinity Pool Cost in 2024?

Most homeowners in the U.S. typically pay between $57,500 and $130,000 for an infinity pool.

Most homeowners in the U.S. typically pay between $57,500 and $130,000 for an infinity pool, or $117 per square foot. The total cost depends on your pool’s size and surface material. For example, a small infinity pool with vinyl liner might cost $23,400, while a much larger pool with several add-ons could significantly increase the total price of installation. 

Infinity pools are a breathtaking addition that can enhance the overall feel of your backyard. The vanishing edge – a unique feature of this pool – provides a natural aesthetic, providing a unique view of the surrounding landscape. This pricing guide will highlight how your pool’s size, surface material, and other factors determine an infinity pool’s total cost. 

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Average Costs for an Infinity Pool

Average square footage$117 per square foot
Typical range$57,500 – $130,000

The cost of building an infinity pool typically ranges from $57,500 to $130,000, depending on size and several other factors. Similar to other types of in-ground pools, you will need to consider additional costs, such as ground preparation, permits, and maintenance, as part of your budget. Building a pool deck or installing a fence around your pool are examples of add-ons that increase the amount spent on an infinity pool. 

The following sections will take you through all the costs associated with installing an infinity pool, starting with its size. 

Cost Estimator by Pool Size

Infinity pool
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On average, the cost of installing an infinity pool is approximately $117 per square foot. A small-sized pool of 200 square feet will cost about $23,400, with pool prices going higher as size increases. Installing large pools requires more labor and materials, leading to an increase in price. 

The table below shows different pool sizes and their average costs. 

It is important to note that different pool companies may charge lower or higher than these average costs, with local demand and your pool’s location among some of the factors that lead to price variations. 

Cost Estimator by Material 

The surface material is an important factor to consider before setting up a pool project. Vinyl liner, fiberglass, and concrete/gunite are the most common materials to choose from. In addition to being priced differently, each pool material comes with its own set of long-term maintenance costs.

For example, vinyl pool liners need to be replaced every 7 to 10 years, with liner replacement costs typically ranging from $2,250 to $4,535

The table below lists the different types of material from least to most expensive, followed by each material’s pros and cons. 

MaterialAverage Cost

Vinyl liner


✓ Cheapest option
✓ Soft to the touch
✓ Non-porous surface makes it resistant to algae
✓ Quick to install


✗ High maintenance costs
✗ Thin and vulnerable to tears
✗ Least durable
✗ Steel walls not compatible with saltwater pools



✓ Lowest maintenance and long-term costs
✓ Algae-resistant
✓ Quickest to install
✓ Fiberglass pool shell requires little to no upkeep


✗ Limits in shape, pool design, and size
✗ Crane required to lower shell into place
✗ Smooth surface making it easier to slip and fall
✗ Difficult to recoat



✓ Raise your property’s resale value
✓ Comes in different shapes, sizes, and depth
✓ Resistant to moisture and chemicals
✓ Very durable


✗ Difficult to repair or replace tiles
✗ High maintenance and resurfacing costs
✗ Slowest to install (up to 12 weeks)
✗ Most expensive material
✗ Not very resistant to algae

Other Factors That Affect Cost

Apart from the size and material, infinity pool costs are also determined by the installation site and permit requirements. Just like every other pool type, regular maintenance and upkeep is required to get the most out of your infinity edge pool and prevent additional repair costs.

Other factors that affect cost include: 

Installation site

Building a vanishing edge pool requires pool builders to excavate the ground, with the size of your pool determining the amount of ground preparation required. The installation site, as well as the soil type, may lead to additional costs that result from extra measures being taken to complete the project. 

Below are some examples of such cases:

  • Hard-to-reach installation site; extra measures will lead to higher costs
  • Tree removal; each tree removed costs between $385 and $1,070
  • Rocky soil that may potentially damage the pool builder’s equipment, adding more costs to your bill. 

Pool tiling

Infinity pools are considered among the most aesthetically pleasing pool types. Tiles like natural stone, porcelain, and glass can further improve your infinity pool’s visual appeal, transforming your pool area into a luxurious space. 

Common pool tiles cost as little as $1 per square foot, while handmade mosaic tiles and other high-end materials can cost as much as $100 per square foot.


Homeowners are responsible for getting the right permits to install an infinity pool. Prices may vary depending on where the property is located, ranging from $475 to $1,900

Increased insurance

Infinity pools are ideal for relaxing and unwinding, but we cannot discard the fact that injuries may occur after slipping or other accidents. Your insurance costs may go up with this added risk of getting hurt on your property.  

Increased property taxes

A costly, luxurious, and aesthetically pleasing swimming pool could increase your home’s resale value. This increase in property value could lead you to pay more property taxes. The increased amount may not be significant, but it is worth considering before getting a new pool. 

Related Services

There are many add-ons to boost your infinity pool, such as pool lighting and fencing. As mentioned above, extra services lead to extra spending. Below are some examples of pool add-ons and related services to choose from:

Pool maintenance

Your pool will need some to be kept clean. Learn how to maintain a pool or hire a professional pool care company to handle the task for you. 

The average professional pool maintenance cost ranges between $2,000 and $4,035 per year. Infinity pools typically require more maintenance than traditional pools, taking the annual cost closer to the high end. 

Pool house

A pool house can serve as a changing room, guest house, or storage space. Its versatility can add new and entertaining ways to spend time around your infinity pool. On average, the cost of building a pool house ranges from $100 to $600 per square foot.

A pool house can be used in several ways:

  • Outdoor living space
  • Bathroom
  • Storage room for pool cleaning equipment
  • Changing room
  • Outdoor shower

Pool fencing

Building a fence around the infinity pool can provide some privacy, add security, and protect children or pets from accidentally falling into the pool. The average pool fence cost is approximately $15 to $30 per linear foot. 

Pool deck

Installing a pool deck will give you that extra space to set up furniture, dry off, and get a tan. There are several materials, size options, and designs you can choose from that will determine how much you spend. Most homeowners spend between $3,600 and $15,733 to build a pool deck. 

Pool lighting

Pool lights can help you set the mood for outdoor parties and romantic evenings. They can also increase your infinity pool’s visibility in the dark, securing the area around it and reducing the risk of falling in. Pool lighting typically costs between $200 to $500 per fixture.


Infinity pools are often enough to raise your backyard’s aesthetic appeal, but these landscaping services can take your pool area to the next level. Each service has its own price range, so the table below will help you decide which way to go. 

Landscaping serviceTypical price range
Tree transplanting$90 – $300 per tree
Artificial grass$5.50 – $19.75 per square foot
Planting flower beds$650 – $3,000 per flower bed
Retaining wall$3,600 – $9,500
Pond installation$1,900 – $6,500
Fire pit$370 – $2,235

Cost of DIY Infinity Pool Installation

Installing this particular type of pool is not considered a DIY project. It is tedious work that requires the expertise of professionals. Taking on such a project yourself may result in:

  • Accidents and injuries from the improper use of equipment
  • Property damage, leading you to spend more on repairs 

To avoid any of these occurrences, it is best to hire a professional pool builder to install an infinity pool. 

Cost of Infinity Pools Across the U.S. 

The costs listed in this pricing guide are national averages. The cost of installing an infinity pool will vary depending on the pool building company and local demand. Generally, building a swimming pool in urban areas costs more due to higher material and labor costs. 

FAQ About Infinity Pools

How much do traditional pools cost compared to infinity pools? 

Infinity pools are quite expensive, generally costing more than semi-inground, in-ground, and above-ground pools. With infinity pool costs ranging from $57,500 to $130,000, the table below lists the typical price ranges of traditional swimming pools. 

Pool typeTypical price range
Above-ground$1,700 – $5,970
Semi-inground$6,500 – $24,750
In-ground$32,410 – $60,870

What are the pros and cons of infinity pools? 


✓ Sleek and modern design
✓ Ideal for relaxing and unwinding
✓ Increase property value
✓ Enhance overall feel of your backyard
✓ Vanishing edge provides a natural aesthetic
✓ Provide a unique view of the surrounding landscape


✗ Quite expensive
✗ Require more maintenance than regular pools
✗ Safety hazard; higher risk of injuries than traditional pools
✗ Not suitable for every type of backyard or property. Infinity pools need to look out to a large beautiful landscape

Is it possible to fall from the edge of an infinity pool? 

While infinity pools can also be called zero edge pools, there is no danger of falling from it. The “edge” of an infinity pool is merely an optical illusion. If you swim close to the edge, you will quite simply bump into the pool wall which protects you from falling over accidentally. 

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Infinity pools are simply stunning. Anyone who admires swimming pools has pictured themselves relaxing in an infinity pool, or getting an epic profile picture taken in one. Most dreams come at a cost, with the price of an infinity pool ranging from $57,500 to $130,000

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