How Much Does Pool Cleaning Cost in 2024?

Pool cleaning costs between $78 and $162 per month.

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Pool companies charge between $78 and $162 on average for a monthly pool cleaning service, which may include up to four sessions spread out on a weekly basis. Costs will vary depending on the frequency of which your pool requires cleaning services, its type, and other important factors. 

Pool cleaning is its unique form of upkeep to keep the water clean, and should be distinguished from other maintenance services. Generally speaking, pool maintenance refers to a wide range of services, including acid washing and equipment repairs. Pool cleaning costs differ from what homeowners typically pay for such maintenance services, due to their frequent need and more. Before expanding on each of these points, we’ll kick things off with the average pool cleaning costs.

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Average Pool Cleaning Costs in 2024

Typical Price Range (monthly)$78 – $162
Typical Price Range (one-time cleaning)$140 – $297

Most pool cleaning companies provide monthly packages or service plans for keeping your swimming pool in pristine condition. They are more affordable than paying for singular sessions, with costs ranging from $140 to $297. The monthly price range for professional pool cleaning ranges from $78 to $162, depending on your pool size and other factors. 

In terms of cleaning frequency, pool pros may perform up to four cleaning sessions per month, depending on your pool’s needs. We’ll talk more about this in the following section. 

If you own a small-sized fiberglass pool and live in close proximity to local pool companies, then the monthly cleaning cost will fall closer to the low-end price of $78. Medium or large pools made of concrete will take longer to clean, so you’ll end up paying a higher cost of $162 or more. Some types of pools require more cleaning than others, so is hiring pro cleaners regularly costlier than one-time sessions?

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Pool Cleaning Cost Estimator by Cleaning Frequency

The frequency of which you hire professional pool cleaners affects the total cost more than the type or size of pool. Pool companies will generally provide four cleaning sessions if you select a monthly service plan, which means they’ll show up once a week. It is more affordable to select a monthly bundle than pay separately for one-time cleaning sessions. Additionally, a monthly bundle means your pool gets cleaned after weekends of fun pool activities. 

Weekly cleaning bundles are not so common among pool service providers, especially since monthly plans are available and far more popular. If you live in an area with a year-round swimming season, local pool companies may provide an annual cleaning plan with a one-time payment. You’ll be swimming in a clean pool while homeowners in northern states are closing theirs for the winter. 

Here’s a table that lists the different costs of each cleaning service plan: 

Cleaning FrequencyTypical Price Range
One-Time $140 – $297
Weekly$100 – $150
Monthly$78 – $162
Annually$936 – $1,944

Other Factors That Affect Pool Cleaning Cost

Even if you select a monthly bundle, your pool may not necessarily require four cleaning sessions. Above-ground pools tend to be smaller and have less complex components, so the cleaning cost may be far lower than $162. As for in-ground pools, the type of surface will also affect the cost of cleaning. This section will highlight important factors that determine how much you’ll spend for pool cleaning services.

Pool Size

Similar to other maintenance services, the size of your pool plays an important role in determining the total cleaning cost. Cleaning experts will take into account the total area of your pool’s bottom surface, along with that of the surrounding walls. Larger pools means they will have a lot more surface to cover, so the labor hours will increase. And we all know what follows increased labor: higher cleaning costs. 

Pool Type

Swimming pools will vary from one home to another, so there’s no surprise that pros will charge differently according to the pool type. Generally speaking, fiberglass pools are the easiest and least expensive to clean. The fiberglass material naturally prevents the growth of algae, so there won’t be much cleaning required. In contrast, concrete in-ground pools require more vacuuming than other pools since they’re prone to algae. More specialized cleaning leads to higher costs. 

Pool Shape

A swimming pool may be circular or have an entirely unique shape, meaning you don’t always have to go for the more conventional rectangular shape. But if you decide to go with special designs, pool cleaning may take longer or require more cleaning tools. The extra labor hours will only add to the total cost of cleaning. 

As long as you have pool experts cleaning your pool, why not acquire additional services that will boost your swimming experience? Additionally, you may need to close your pool to protect it from the harsh winter conditions. Let’s explore some extra pool services you can get:

Filter Cleaning

Swimming pool filters need to be cleaned every 3 to 6 months, depending on your pool’s water quality and the amount of use. The type of pool you have may also impact the filter cleaning price. Saltwater pools require a special filtration system that is costlier than standard pool filters. You guessed it, this means they require additional cleaning. On top of that, cartridge filters need more cleaning than diatomaceous Earth or glass filters. 

On average, routine filter cleaning may cost as low as $60. But if you own a large pool with a filter that hasn’t been cleaned for a while, then the cleaning cost may reach up to $125

Equipment Repair

Your swimming pool would not be severely damaged if you regularly clean and maintain the pool equipment. However, minor issues may occur even with scheduled upkeep. On average, basic pool repairs will cost about $518. These may include the water pumps, water heaters, and pool lightings. However, major leaks and other serious issues may cost in the thousands. 


This is an important service to maintain your pool’s cleanliness and overall visual appearance. The average cost to resurface a pool is $6.50 per square foot. Resurfacing in-ground pools generally costs more than above-ground pools, with prices reaching as high as $63 per square foot

The pool type once more plays a role in the cost of resurfacing, with concrete pools carrying the heftiest price. Resurfacing small, above-ground pools may cost you as little as $1.30 per square foot. As for the surface finish, tile is typically more expensive than epoxy paint, plaster, and aggregate. 

Professional pool cleaners will need to drain your pool before commencing the resurfacing process. Draining the pool costs about $149 on average. To refill your pool, expect to pay between $525 and $1,800 for 15,000 to 30,000 gallons of water. 

Acid Washing

Before we get into prices, it’s important to note that acid washing is only performed on concrete or gunite pools. It’s a process in which hydrochloric acid is combined with water to remove stain, calcium deposits, and mold. On average, acid washing your pool costs about $0.53 per square foot, or between $525 and $1,775. Fortunately, concrete and gunite require acid washing every 3 to 5 years, so it’s not a monthly or yearly expense. 

Pool Opening and Closing

Unless you live in a warm climate, you will most likely refrain from swimming when temperatures drop near or below freezing. Due to this, it’s smart to close your swimming pool to protect it from the elements. Once the weather gets warmer, the pros will reopen your pool and make sure it’s set for the summer. Opening and closing a pool costs $405 on average. 

Pro Cost vs DIY Cost

Pool cleaning is not a complex task like resurfacing or acid washing, so you can certainly perform most of the tasks yourself. What you’ll need is the right set of equipment and you’re good to go. Here are some items you’ll need to purchase for DIY pool cleaning:

Filter cleaner$15
Pool Brush$20
Pool Vacuum$223
Water Test Kit$12.85
Chlorine Tablets$99.50 (25lb)
Pool Shock$34
pH Increaser$15.20 
pH Decreaser$16
Calcium Hardness Increaser$14 
Alkalinity Increaser$14 

Cleaning a pool with alkalinity and pH balancers seems like a chemist’s work, and takes the fun out of swimming. Hiring pool cleaning pros gives you peace of mind and frees up time to enjoy pool activities with your loved ones. It can also keep you from having to store all that extra cleaning equipment if your home lacks additional space.

Pool Cleaning Cost by Location

We don’t mean the location of your swimming pool within the property, but the location of the property itself. If there’s a significant amount of distance between your home and the pool company, then they will most likely charge higher travel fees. But if you live in an area close to several pool cleaners, you’ll have a better chance of comparing prices and getting the best deal possible. 

Additionally, your area’s climate determines what type of cleaning services your pool needs. Closing the pool during the wet season and removing debris after high winds are a regular requirement for homes located in harsh climates. The more frequently your pool requires cleaning, the higher the cost for this type of service. 

FAQ About Pool Cleaning

Will a pool cover help keep the water clean? 

In short, yes. Investing in a pool cover is a great way to keep debris out of your pool and retain heat in the water. It can also keep your pets or little ones from accidentally falling into the pool. Depending on your pool type and size, the cost of installing a pool cover ranges from $392 to $2,400

Can you install a skimmer basket yourself? 

You most certainly can. A pool skimmer basket essentially collects large debris and other unwanted impurities from your pool water. They help make your pool filter’s job a whole lot easier. The best part is, you can install it yourself without the need of hiring a pro. On average, a pool skimmer basket will cost you between $5 and $35

What are the best brush materials  for pool cleaning? 

If you’re taking the DIY route, it’s good to know which types of brushes to purchase before getting your hands wet. You must first consider the type of pool you have installed, whether it’s concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass. Stainless steel bristle brushes are best for cleaning concrete or gunite pools. As for fiberglass and vinyl, brushes with nylon bristles are the only ones suitable to clean the pool surface and walls. 

Hire Pool Cleaning Pros for Crystalline Water

Professional pool cleaners typically charge between $78 and $162 for a monthly service plan, which is the most popular bundle for pool cleaning. Depending on your swimming pool’s requirements, the monthly plan may include up to four cleaning sessions. The frequency of which pros clean your pool is arguably the most important cost-determining factor, followed by your pool’s size, type, and shape. 

Your home’s location and climate may also play a role in the total service cost. If you live in distant rural areas, you’ll have to pay for the extra travel fees. Pool cleaning costs may also increase in warmer climates, mainly because the swimming season tends to be longer.  

To keep your pool in its best condition, hire a local pool cleaning professional to clear out the debris and keep the water clear of any impurities.

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