How Much Does an Above-Ground Pool Cost in 2023?

Installing an above-ground pool will cost most homeowners across the U.S. between $1,700 and $5,970.

Installing an above-ground pool will cost most homeowners across the U.S. between $1,700 and $5,970, with a national average cost of $2,700. Small-scale installation projects average around $475, while large-scale above-ground pool installations can target $13,400.  

Above-ground pools are more affordable than in-ground or semi-inground pools, and are much easier to install. Other advantages include:

  • Low pool maintenance costs
  • Suitable for small yards
  • Available in different shapes and sizes
  • Easy to disassemble and reassemble 

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Average Costs for an Above-Ground Pool

National average$2,700
Typical range$1,700 – $5,970
Extreme low-end$475
Extreme high-end $13,400

Homeowners typically pay between $1,700 and $5,970 to purchase and install an above-ground pool, with an average cost of $2,700

For a high-end project, installing a large above-ground pool with quality materials and add-ons could cost as much as $13,400. Small and basic above-ground pool installations average around $475. However, you can find much cheaper kits at retail stores, such as Walmart and Lowe’s, for less than $100

If you’re comfortable with installing the pool yourself, above-ground pool kit materials usually range between $1,460 and $6,150. The kits come with easy-to-follow instructions with minimal risk of harming yourself or damaging your property. However, if you decide to hire a professional, labor costs alone can set you back an additional $825 to $3,235.

Cost Estimator by Pool Shape and Size

An above ground pool with a deck
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Large pools require more materials and take longer to install, raising the total cost. Small above-ground pools made to fit four to five swimmers cost less than above-ground pools made to fit up to seven swimmers. Above-ground pools have an average depth of 4 to 4.5 feet, with deeper and larger pools raising the overall cost of installation. 

The pool’s shape also significantly affects the total installation cost. Round pools cost less than oval pools, with rectangular pools generally being the most expensive. 

SizeAverage cost
12 feet round$1,065
15 feet round$810 – $1,800
18 feet round$1,120 – $2,600
24 feet round$1,650 – $3,200
24 feet x 12 feet oval$1,950
24 feet x 12 feet rectangle$1,600 – $3,900
33 feet x 18 oval$2,900

Other factors that affect cost

The shape and size of your above-ground pool will affect the final price, but there are several other factors to consider before committing to this type of pool. 

These factors include:

Pool material

When deciding on an above-ground pool kit, your options include steel, resin, and aluminum. Steel is the most budget-friendly option, while aluminum is the most expensive. 



✓ Strongest material

✓ Most affordable


✗ Susceptible to corrosion and oxidation

✗ Rusts over time



✓ More affordable than aluminum

✓ Not susceptible to oxidation 

✓ Not hot to the touch


✗ Susceptible to cracking and fading



✓ Lighter than steel

✓ Withstands cold temperatures


✗ Holes may develop in the pool’s liner

✗ Most expensive material

Professional installation cost

Above-ground pool kits generally come with easy-to-follow instructions that allow you to make it a DIY project. But if you are still concerned about damaging the backyard or hurting yourself with some of the equipment, a professional pool installer can set up the pool for you. On average, you can expect to pay an additional $825 to $3,235 in labor costs when hiring a professional pool builder for the job. 

Pool brand

High-quality pools will last longer and increase the money you spend on an above-ground pool. Low-quality pools might initially cost less, but you could end up spending more on repairs and replacements. 

Some of the common above-ground pool brands include: 

  • Doughboy
  • Kayak
  • Aqua Leader
  • Intex 

Existing landscape

Large above-ground pools will take up a lot of yard space, so you may have to spend on some landscaping services to prepare the ground before installing your new pool.

These additional costs include: 

ServiceAverage cost
Tree removal$385 – $1,070 per tree
Tree stump removal$180 – $525 per stump
Landscape grading$650 – $3,600 per project

Increased homeowner’s insurance

Although above-ground pools are generally safer than in-ground pools, accidents may still happen. Increasing the risk of injuries on your property could lead you to spend more on homeowner’s insurance. 

Items included in your pool kit

When you decide to purchase an above-ground pool kit, it normally includes some basic items, such as a ladder, filter, and pool cover. If the kit does not include any of these items, then you would need to spend additional money on purchasing them separately. 

Vinyl liner replacement

Some above-ground systems are equipped with vinyl pool liner, which will require replacement every seven to 10 years. Above-ground pool owners can expect replacement vinyl liners to cost between $240 and $1,300, depending on the pool’s shape and size. 

Add-Ons and Extra Services

We have covered several factors that significantly affect the overall cost of installing an above-ground pool, including its shape and size. However, there are several add-ons and extra services that can help you create a backyard that rivals others in your neighborhood. 

These add-ons and extra services include:

Above-ground pool deck

Building a deck can increase your pool’s visual appeal. In addition to securing the pool area by reducing slipping injuries, a pool deck allows you to add lounge chairs and other furniture to entertain your guests. 

Installing an above-ground wooden pool deck costs $15 to $30 per square foot on average. 

Pool ladder and steps

Above-ground pool kits will usually include a ladder, but you can always purchase one separately or even replace the current ladder with a better one. 

On average, a pool ladder will cost you $165. Adding steps to your above-ground pool is a little more costly, with an average price of $210

Above-ground pool heater

You can’t control the weather, but you can certainly control the water temperature in your above-ground swimming pool. Pool heaters are essential to those wishing to extend the regular swimming season and maintaining water temperatures at a suitable level. 

On average, an above-ground pool heater costs between $170 and $2,200

Above-ground pool cover

Pool covers can keep debris and critters out of the pool. For homeowners with children, a pool cover can be viewed as an essential safety measure to help prevent drowning. 

A basic above-ground pool cover will cost you anywhere from $100 to $375.

Pool maintenance 

Cleaning above-ground pools is a time-consuming process that many pool owners do not enjoy. Above-ground pools may not require lots of maintenance, but it’s still necessary to get the most out of your pool. You can hire a professional pool cleaning service or do the maintenance work yourself. Professional pool maintenance costs range from $2,000 to $4,035 per year, though above-ground pools tend to be on the low end of that spectrum. 


A downside to above-ground pools is that they are less visually appealing than in-ground pools, but there are ways to change that and create an aesthetically pleasing backyard. You can plant new flower beds, build a pathway around the pool area, or install an outdoor kitchen to enjoy barbecues and entertain your guests.   

The table below lists some landscaping services along with their average costs. 

Landscaping serviceAverage cost
Outdoor kitchen installation$5,055 – $17,275
Flower bed planting$650 – $3,000
Tree planting$25 – $3,000
Landscape lighting$2,100 – $4,900 
Gazebo installation$5,365 – $9,025
Pergola installation$2,100 – $6,000

​​Pro Cost vs. DIY Cost

Above-ground pool kits come with all the necessary equipment and easy-to-follow instructions, allowing you to install the pool yourself. Homeowners typically pay between $1,460 and $6,150 for an above-ground pool kit, with cheaper options available for $100 or less.  

Despite the possibility of avoiding labor costs and making it a DIY project, not all homeowners feel confident of installing the new pool themselves. After purchasing the kit, you can hire a pro to get the pool system safely installed with minimal damage to your property. This will cost you between $825 and $3,235 on average.  

Cost of Above-Ground Pools by Location

All prices listed in this pricing guide are national averages. Above-ground pool kits will cost differently depending on the companies operating in your local market. The cost of hiring a pro to install your new pool will also depend on local demand and additional fees, such as transportation. 

FAQ About Above-Ground Pools

Should you winterize your above-ground pool?

It is definitely worth winterizing your above-ground swimming pool to save future maintenance costs. This process can reduce the growth of algae, maintain the chlorine system, and generally protect your pool from harsh weather conditions.

Do above-ground pools need a permit?

Small above-ground pools purchased at retail stores for less than $100 likely won’t require a permit. Larger pools are more likely to require a permit, depending on where you live. To avoid breaking any laws, check your local regulations regarding above-ground pools.

What are some disadvantages of above-ground pools?

• Above-ground pools won’t increase your home’s resale value
• Not as aesthetically pleasing as in-ground pools
• Snow or hail can damage pool walls and lining
• Difficult to swim in laps and exercise
• Inflatable pools can easily get punctured

Is an above-ground pool cheaper than an in-ground pool?

Generally yes, above-ground pools are cheaper than both. Installing an in-ground pool typically costs between $32,408 and $60,873, while a semi-inground pool will cost you anywhere from $6,500 to $24,750. If you’re on a tight budget and looking for an easy-to-install pool for the summer, above-ground pools are your best bet.

Find a Pool Builder Near You

Despite certain drawbacks (such as little to no increase to your home’s resale value), most above-ground pools come with quick installation and low maintenance costs. With an average cost of $2,700, above-ground pools are an affordable investment that can transform your backyard into a relaxing, entertaining, and visually appealing space. 

Homeowners on a budget may manage to install an above-ground swimming pool for as little as $475, while those seeking a high-quality system could end up paying as high as $13,400.

To avoid harming yourself or damaging your property, PoolGnome connects you to the best local pool builder pros to safely install your new above-ground pool.

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