How Much Does a Pool Enclosure Cost in 2024?

On average, most homeowners spend between $8 and $103 per square foot on a new pool enclosure.

Installing a pool enclosure costs between $8 and $103 per square foot, depending on the enclosure’s material, size, shape, and your location.  

Enclosures are most commonly installed permanently for in-ground pools, but temporary enclosures and ones for above-ground pools are also not unheard of. Read this handy guide to get a sense of how the size, height, and shape affects the total cost of installing pool enclosures, helping you form a comprehensive budget.

Cost by Enclosure Size 

Pool enclosure
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The overall cost of installing pool enclosures depends on your pool and deck size. An average-sized pool measuring 12 x 24 feet typically needs a pool enclosure measuring 18 x 30 feet (width and length). A 540 square feet enclosure costs between $4,320 and $55,620

But if the same pool has a deck area measuring 6 feet, you’ll need a larger enclosure measuring about 24 x 36 feet, or 864 square feet. In total, the project will cost between $6,912 and $88,992.

Pool Enclosure Cost by Location

The cost of installing a pool enclosure also varies depending on where you live. One city may have lower installation costs or material costs than another. Heavily-populated, urban areas tend to have higher installation costs than rural areas with a moderate population density. 

The following tables summarize the installation costs for screened pool enclosures across different states and their cities. On a national scale, the average cost of a screened pool enclosure is between $8 and $20 per square foot

FloridaCost per square foot
Ocala$8.88 – $14.19
Gainesville$8.75 – $13.86
Tampa$8.86 – $14.14
Athens$8.67 – $13.68
Savannah$8.79 – $13.96
Albany$8.59 – $13.49
Wichita$8.82 – $14.03
Dodge City$8.63 – $13.58
Topeka$8.90 – $14.23
Santa Cruz$9.51 – $15.68
Bakersfield$9.32 – $15.24
Los Angeles$9.38 – $15.36
San Angelo$8.77 – $13.92
Lubbock$8.73 – $13.82
Beaumont$8.82 – $14.04

Cost by Enclosure Height

For you to walk comfortably in a pool enclosure, it needs to be at least 7 to 8 feet high. This is a lot higher than a low enclosure that’s only meant to cover your pool, which costs less. Some enclosures are as low as 1 to 2 feet high, but they’re significantly less expensive. The taller your pool enclosure, the more you can expect to pay. 

Cost by Enclosure Material

Your pool enclosure’s material will also influence its price. There are three basic materials you can choose from; screen mesh, polycarbonate, and glass panes.

Here’s a chart with their average square footage cost:

MaterialPrice per square foot
Screen Mesh$8 – $20
Polycarbonate$24 – $187
Glass$35 – $79

Cost by Enclosure Shape

Flat and curved pool enclosures are generally the most affordable shapes on the market. Gable, dome, segment, and lean-to shapes will cost about 10% to 20% more to install. 

Retractable vs. Non-Retractable Enclosure Cost

A big factor that will affect the cost of your pool’s enclosure is whether or not it’s retractable. On average, retractable pool enclosures cost between $35 and $165 per square foot, quite a bit more than a non-retractable (standard) pool enclosure. 

Retractable pool enclosures are ones that can collapse into themselves to open up and improve airflow. They come in automatic and manual varieties, with automatic being more expensive than manual.

Above-Ground vs. In-ground Pool Enclosure Cost 

Although most enclosures are made for in-ground pools, there are above-ground pool enclosures as well. They’re much more affordable than in-ground pool enclosures, with an average price of $0.63 to $1.30 per square foot. Most above-ground pool enclosures are dome-shaped and attached to the pool’s rim.

Cost of Pool Enclosure Door

Any in-ground pool enclosure will also need a door. Screen doors for pool enclosures usually go for $75 to $425, and polycarbonate storm doors cost between $185 and $1,000.

FAQ About Pool Enclosures

Is installing a pool enclosure worth it?

It definitely is. A pool enclosure keeps debris and animals out of your pool, while adding to your home’s resale value. 

Can you install a pool enclosure yourself?  

While it is possible to DIY a pool enclosure, it is not recommended. This is a large, difficult, and expensive project. One mistake can bring it all tumbling down and lead to injury for you or anyone who might be helping you. 

On top of that, DIY pool enclosure kits are hard to find and are limited in design and size options. However, it’s still best to hire a professional and get a custom one installed.

How long do pool enclosures last?

Barring any kind of accident that ruins a pool enclosure, they generally last between 5 and 25 years when they’re properly maintained.

Hire a Pro for Regular Pool Care

Installing a pool enclosure is a complex task that requires the expertise of trained professionals. Different homes have different pool designs and sizes, so the pros will design an enclosure that’s tailored to your pool, with the material of your choosing. 
Your pool needs regular check-ups during the peak swimming season. Hire a local pool care company to clean the pool, test the water chemistry, and maintain the filter for a carefree swimming experience.

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